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Copier and MPS Software

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I have a Copier or MPS business

  • I maintain and bill a fleet of machines.
  • I currently support this activity with some combination of spreadsheets, accounting/financial software and legacy/inefficient or overpriced copier industry software.
  • I have between 5 and 50 staff.
  • Which are my best and worst performing machines by brand, model or age.

  • Which are my best and worst performing customers.

  • Which are my best and worst performing staff and suppliers.

I need to know these things and more so that I can achieve:

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction by always meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
  • Improved Staff productivity/satisfaction/turnover so I get more done in less time with less staff and fewer surprises.
  • Increased profit, better return on investment and growth.
  • Stronger supplier support and protect my agency arrangements.

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